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· 4 min read

I really like using pull requests templates in Github. They're not only useful to collect vital information about a pull request, but also can serve as a checklist reminder for the contributor.

As you can see in the template, I love clean code so it serves to remind team members to use ESLint and Prettier, though recently I have started using lint-stagedand husky to handle that during a pre-commit hook.

I also think that pull request templates don't have to be boring. They should be fun! That's why I like to sprinkle mine with emojis. 💪😃

· 9 min read

Fonts are an integral part of the coding experience. They can affect our productivity and enjoyment. An exceptional font will be easy on our eyes, not causing severe eyestrain. It will also make code easier to read and write. And lastly, a great font will help us identify purpose and distinguish letterforms quicker, all which leads to legibility and readability. Over the years I have experimented with various fonts for coding. From this, I have learned that monospace fonts that support ligatures can provide with an excellent coding experience.